Value-Based Specialty Care

Built for Clinicians, by Clinicians,
with Patients at the Center

At RevelAi Health,

We believe a holistic approach to care and commitment to patient outcomes and equity leads to innovative care models, predictive strategies, and personalized treatments.

Join us on the mission of bringing about seismic shifts in care where improved clinical results, heightened efficiency, and extending individual care to the well-being of communities will transform lives in extraordinary ways.

As an evolution of Azra Care, we are dedicated to unearthing profound insights and pioneering new frontiers in healthcare through the power of artificial intelligence.

Our Solutions

Value-Based Specialty Care Enablement for Health Systems & Payors
Carefully Created and Fine-Tuned by Renowned Orthopedic Surgeons, Other Specialty Medical Doctors, and Technology Experts

An Intelligent LLM and Care Orchestration Engine Enhancing Patient Care via Intelligent Automation 

Through conversational AI and easy-to access text message-based care programs,
we offer personalized, accessible care for osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, fragility fractures, and how back pain.

AI-Powered Triage and Documentation Assistant Revolutionizing Provider Workflow
Backed by Our Proprietary Clinician Validated LLM

Reduce call volume, streamline inbox management, and enhance patient care
through intelligent automation and a dynamic triage system.

Our Results

RevelAi platform facilitates the transition from fee-for-service
to value-based care, while achieving transformative outcomes for all patients.

Clinical Outcomes

Empowering Holistic Approach to Care

Enhanced Care Coordination

Improved Adherence

Social Needs Support

Reduced ED Visits
and Readmissions

Our Approach Optimizes Patient-Reported Outcomes,
Drives Adherence, Reduces Emergency Visits and Readmissions, and Ensures Comprehensive Social Needs Support.

Administrative Outcomes

Overcoming Physician Burnout with Enhanced Workflow

inbox management

Reduced call volume

patient engagement

Reduced staff

Our Platform Reduces Clinical Workflow Overload,
Empowering Clinicians to Dedicate More Time To Patient Care, All While Addressing Healthcare Staffing Shortages.

Organization Outcomes

Results - Driven, Equity-Focused

Improved healthcare equity

Achieved CMS compliance

 Improved financial results

Utilizing Our Blend of Technological Innovation and Clinical 

Expertise, We Assist Our partners in Achieving 

CMS Compliance and Maximizing ROI,

All While Enhancing Access to Care.

Our SMS-Based Patient Communications
Alleviate Barriers to Access To Care for Underserved Patients,
While Our Platform’s Social Needs Screenings and Close-Loop Referrals
Streamline and Connect The Resources Based on The Patient’s Location.

Together, We Can Create Health Equity in Specialty Care,
Through Blending Advanced AI Analytics and Parallel Care Strategies
to Effectively Manage Population Health and Bend the Cost Curve.

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